How to Use a Menstrual Cup?

Last time I made a vlog about the Menstrual Cup (MC) and it was really something new to me aside from doing makeup and skincare. Ang saya ko kasi nai-share ko sa vlog ang experience ko about MC.

But some important topics I forgot to tackle about MC on the video, and I’d like to share it here. I also made a review about my first MC which is Anytime from Beauty MNL.

How to Know Your Size?

Does size really matter? Yes, size really matters pagdating sa MC para tama ang pagkaka-fit sa loob.

During the first day of your period, insert your index finger, hanggang sa maabot mo ang cervix, the cervix is like the tip of your nose. 

First-line – means you have a low cervix, it means that you cannot use MC. 
Second Line – Mid cervix, means your size will be small.

Third line – You have a high cervix, it means that your size will be medium to large. 

What Brand and How Much It Cost?

My first brand na nasubukan ko ay ang Anytime, it was good and matigas at makapal. You can use Anytime for up to 2 years. The price is P700 plus the shipping fee. I bought mine on Beauty Mnl.

The second brand is Intima which is the brand na ginagamit ko ngayon. It’s perfect for me because it’s soft and portable. You can use it for up to 10 years. The price is P2,000 plus the shipping fee. I bought mine to the Menstrual Cup Ph

How To Insert?

Remove your undies and sit comfortably at the toilet. Then widen your legs and insert the MC to your vagina. 

There are 2 ways on how to insert an MC. It’s up to you kung saan ka komportable.

How Many Hours Does The MC Inside Before To Remove?

On the first day of your period kapag malakas ang regla, MC should be removed and cleaned after 3-4 hours. The following day you can use it for up to 12 hours. 

Who Can Use MC?

Anyone who has no vagina health problem can use MC. Even the virgin ones can use it. 

How To Clean and Store MC?

After your period, rinse it thoroughly after using a mild soap then banlian ng 2 minutes, after that dry it and then you can store it in a portable. 

Does the MC need to remove before peeing or pooping?

Nope, you can do your business while your MC is inside of you. 

Noong una kong nagamit, alalang alala ako na baka maiire ko rin yung MC pero akala ko lang pala yun. 

Health Benefits of Using MC.

Menstrual cups don’t dry your vagina unlike using tampons. This preserves the healthy bacteria that protect you from vaginal. This is according to Healthline

Do you know that a Menstrual cup lessens your cramps and the odor during your period? 

Yes, based on my experience MC lessens the odor and my cramps. 

Did you know?

I read some blog 2 years ago…

Kapag gumagamit tayo ng pads at after using it for 1-2 hours at puno na. Akala lang natin, the truth is 5-6 ml lang yung period na andun sa pads, because the period is spread on the pads. 

MC can contain the period up to 18 ml in 12 hours. 

You can also watch my vlog below about MC.

What are your thoughts about the Menstrual Cup? If you are an MC user can you share your most encouraging experience? Even the funny ones share it! 

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