How To Support Our Child’s Growth and Mental Development? And Get the FREE #NurturetheGift Photobook

Nowadays, social media has played an important role in effortlessly keeping and sharing special moments captured together with loved ones. As for myself, I choose to keep our precious photos that we can easily view whenever. 

Thankfully, I have my own Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook! Ever since I have always loved making my own photo album. So what’s inside my Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook? It comes with a box that bears the nickname of the child. Inside the box, you will find the #NurturetheGift Photobook with pictures of my Moti and his gift!

Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook

How to Support their Proper Growth and Mental Development?

The first thought that comes to mind when you officially become a parent is that, “This is a serious matter now having to raise my mini-mes!” Funny thing is that I thought it was going to be complicated. Well, yes sometimes it is, but you have to work hard together with your husband, your partner in life.

3 Importance of Proper Growth

  1. Balanced Diet – Choosing the right and nutritious food is the number one priority. Feed our children with food and milk that are rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, and protein. 
  1. Fun Activities – Spending quality time with them is important especially during strange times like these. Do something fun for recreation that also involves physical activities. These would help them grow physically and help them learn to balance their activities later on.
  1. Sleep – Child ages 4-7 years need 10-13 hours of sleep. Make sure that our children get enough sleep.

3 Importance of Mental Development

  1. Positive Environment – This is very important. When communicating with our kids, always make sure that we listen and understand their sentiments. Show them that they have your support but never forget to correct them when they go overboard. It promotes the growth of the child’s mind and feelings. It is also helpful to develop better communication skills. 
  1. Unconditional Love – The love, acceptance, and security should come from our hearts. Understanding their Love Languages would help us learn more about them.
  1. Nurture Children’s Confidence – When they do good deeds, welcome and embrace their success even small ones. Praising them encourages our kids to be brave and bold in exploring their surroundings. Recognizing even small wins will help them build their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook

I love how it was made for my son, Moti! It helped me in documenting the exploration and giftedness of Moti when he was still young. It also allowed me to plan his growth and mental development by discovering more of his talent and things he loves to do. We are their parents who will support and guide them in their journeys.

Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook

Get this FREE #NurturetheGift Photobook

I really think that you and your gifted child deserve this #NurturetheGift Photobook. Below, you will find the mechanics on how to get it for FREE.

Promil Four #NurtureTheGift Photobook


  1. To join the Promo, eligible participants must register on the Promil Four website. Take and complete the Promil Four Spot The Gift test. (Only parents/guardians with children 3 years old and above are allowed to register and take the Promil Four Spot The Gift test and join the promo).
  1. Participants must purchase Php 3,500 worth of Promil Four 1.8kg from any select Robinsons Supermarket Branches Metro Manila during the Promo Period. 

You can also get a free #NurtureTheGift Photobook by checking out the mechanics at https://m.facebook.com/bellapowermoms or you may also visit Promil Four website to register promilnurturethegift.com.ph/stg-home

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23 Responses

  1. The best tlga ang Promil Four ang daming health benifits at sure tayong magiging healthy and strong ang ating mga anak. Ang daming vitamins and Nutrients sa Promil Four kaya naman worth to buy talaga ito. Ang ganda din ng photobook ng Promil Four anytime pwede nating tignan ang mga picture ng ating mga anak na talaga naman Precious and milestone moment nila ito.

  2. Laki sa Promil si Daughter ganda kasi ng nutrients binibigay nya sa bata.. payatin sya dati pero ngayon anlakas na kumain kaya sa Promil na talaga kami. 😍😍😍 cutie naman ng Promil Digital Photobook mag eenjoy talaga maglagay si daughter sa mga pictures nya 😍😍😍

  3. Sulit po ang promil hindi ka mag sisi daming benefits makikita talaga sa bata ang developed brain and bone smart po sila.❤️

  4. Since I am breastfeed and his turning 4 na Son ko . nag switch ako sa Promil Four tamang tama sa kanya to . Pahirapan ko sya painumin ng gatas pero ito lang yung nagustuhan nya. sharing this to my fellow moms na naghahanap ng tamang milk para sa mga kiddos nila ❤️ thanks for sharing po Godbless

    1. Yes to Promil Powdered milk talaga💙 Masarap ang lasa na gusto bg mga kids at ang daming health benefits na makukuha dito. This is such an informative blog momsh, dami ko natutunan about thr Importance of Proper Growth and Mental Development ng ating mga kids 😊 At nakaka happy kasi we can avail this #NurtureTheGift Photobook na talaga namang ang ganda ng designs. Perfect para marestore ang ating mga precious moments with our kids 💙

  5. The best talaga ang Promil Powdered milk,its because its a highly nutritional product.there are many benefits for here Promil Four.where each one of them help stimulating the physical and mental development for here child

  6. Maganda po talaga ang promil lalo na sa mga bata..bukod sa maganda ang gatas at brand na to nakita ko din na ang laki ng progres ng bata kasi gamit ng baby ng ate ko kaya ng isip po ako na ipromil na din si baby ko ..tapos may photobook na din sila .wow na wow po talaga
    Fb name:Aedhyl Mar Sanchez

  7. The best talaga ang Promil Four madami kang nutrients makukuha and at the same time lumalaking healthy and smart ang bata iba talaga ang Promil may paphoto book pang kasama.

  8. Magandang milk talaga ang Promil para sa mga kids natin ,Bukod sa maraming good benefits neto tumutulong din itong i-stimulate ang physical and mental growth ng ating mga anak .Nowadays kelangan talaga natin magampanan ang tamang pagpapalaki sa mga kids natin syempre nandyan si husband natin para tulungan tayo.We need to give them a healthy and nutritious food,bonding with them ,and also tayong mga magulang ang susuporta sa kanilang tatahakin landas.I love the Promil Digital Photoobook ang ganda ng kulay at design .

  9. True need ntn tlga inurture ang cofidence ng kids ntn pra ndi maging mahiyain . Ang nice nman my free photobook pa para makeeps ang milestone ng kids 😍

  10. Support yan ang kailangan ng ating mga anak .with a heps of promil mas ma iimprove pa nila ang husay at galing nila sa kahit anung mang gustuhin nila.

  11. Support yan ang kailangan ng ating mga anak natin…with a helps of promil mas maiimprove pa nila ang kanilang kakayanan

  12. One of the beat milk ang promil talaga, lots of benifits.Lumalaking smart and advance ang mga batang laking promil.Nakakatuwa ngayon dahil may free photobook na sila

  13. Ang ganda ng naisip ni Promil four na gumawa ng photobook ng mga anak natin para sa makita natin anc mga milestone nila.. masasabi ko yes to promil nadin ako🥰🥰🥰

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