Oily Skin Dilemma: Here Are Four Ways To Solve It

Suffering from oily skin? If there is one bad thing that wearing makeup makes you feel, none other than having excessive oil all over your face. Girls, tell me I’m not the only one looking like a clown while wearing makeup on a hot sunny afternoon.

I mean, I just want to look good while running my errands but why?? Why does my face have to punish me with my sebaceous glands? Just kidding y’all. But seriously, oily skin is a common concern in tropical countries like the Philippines because of extreme humidity.

They say we have wet and dry seasons, but it feels like a wet season 90% of the year. No kidding. That’s why many of us deal with oily skin without having to pay a dermatologist if possible.

But I want you ladies to remember to feel comfortable in your own skin, the problems we can work on but it has to be us who needs to accept ourselves for what we are and what we have.

Besides, we have so many available solutions that might work for you, and I have gathered these information for you to try. Check them out below!

Cleanse regularly: goodbye oily skin

Since oil production is inevitable, you can regulate the oil as well as get rid of accumulated dirt on your face by cleansing at least 3 times a day with a gentle cleanser to avoid clogging of pores. Don’t use strong bar soaps as they will make your skin more prone to pimples and blackheads.  Keep in mind that abrasive cleansing will not help in solving your oily skin problem. In fact, it will only lead to your skin’s sebaceous glands producing more oil to replace what you stripped off.

Lady washing his face

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Change your sheets every week

This is what’s commonly ignored by many of us. The secondary things that make contact with your skin are also part of your hygiene and skincare routine. if you see a map of oil on your pillow then it’s time to change into a new one. The oil and dirt left on your pillow which definitely came from your hair and face can cause your skin to break out.

Facial sheet

Choose the right toner

For oily skin, alcohol-based products are not your friend, so you better double-check what you buy. Alcohol-free toner is important as it helps balance the pH of your skin and gives it the extra hydration that it needs to avoid promoting excessive production of oil. Remember, the gentler the better.

skincare toner

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Oily skin-no-more: don’t be afraid to use moisturizer

That’s right. Many of us have this notion that when you have oily skin, moisturizer will only worsen the situation. Ladies, this is a hoax. Your skin still needs moisturizing and hydration. Alcohol-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic facial moisturizer will help your skin get the hydration it needs and will help keep healthy-looking skin.


For moms like me, it is always important to check the ingredients of the products we use on our skin especially if you’re breastfeeding. Chemicals that are harmful can be absorbed by our bodies and passed on to our babies through breastmilk. So, always check your products, mommies!

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