Self-care Inexpensive and Long-term Tips for Busy Moms

Ladies, if you’re thinking that self-care is expensive, think again. Taking care of yourself is just as easy as breathing, and if breathing is free then so is self-care. What I’m going to share with you is a long-term routine that doesn’t necessarily require you to shell out money to feel beautiful not just on the outside but also inside.

Yes, I’m talking about your health, mama. Remember the saying “beauty comes from within”? That is absolutely true. Always remember that before you talk about make-ups and skincare products, you should always consider your everyday routine.

What have you been doing to yourself since you became a mom? Are you eating properly? Does exercise sound like torture to you? Do you cover your eye bags with makeup instead of actually sleeping early?

These tips are here to remind you not just how to look good but actually to feel good. I backed it up with scientific studies for you to really try this healthy-living routine. Yep, let’s go!

Sleep early, Wake up early

Many successful businessmen have been doing this and they feel more in control of their life. I found this article that lists the seven benefits of sleeping and waking up early. He even quoted Ben Franklin’s old saying “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Sleep early, Wake up early

And I tell you, this changed the lives of so many successful individuals. And by waking up early, you can do a routine such as writing in your journal or sipping a cup of coffee on your front porch while letting the sound of nature declutter your mind. Here are some of what’s on the list:

  • it makes you more productive and helps you avoid and deal with negativity
  • it helps you be more persistent, agreeable, proactive, cooperative
  • it makes you look better, and more…

Need I say more? I’m sure you’re convinced enough.

Eating properly promotes self-care

Another old saying goes like this: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.” Make the first meal of your day your heaviest meal. Why? Because it will be your fuel throughout the day, plus it helps you concentrate better, reduces the risk of certain diseases, and improves your mental sharpness and stability.

Because our world today values mental health awareness much, much more. Also, always stay hydrated, okay? Sadly, many of us only drink coffee for breakfast, and needless to say, it gives you hyperacidity and makes you eat heavily during lunch.

Also, from a personal experience, I myself tend to be more sensitive and moodier when I miss breakfast before 10 am. That’s something that you can take note of yourself too.

Exercise for 20 minutes

Now, this, mamas, is just as important as the others. While your little ones take a morning snooze, why not put on some yoga pants or just a comfy attire and play a 10-minute exercise on YouTube? Now, remember to start low and slow each day.

And as you progress you can either do a longer exercise or a more intense one. Also, don’t forget to warm up before each workout. The internet offers countless workout varieties. You can do a targeted exercise such as toning your arms, trimming your waist fats, or strengthening your lower back and see the muscular changes over time.

Exercise for 20 minutes

Won’t it make you feel good? Now, here are the benefits of exercising: it helps you control your weight, protects you from chronic diseases, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, not to mention it improves your sexual libido. https://www.choosept.com/resources/detail/top-10-benefits-of-physical-activity

Have time for yourself is self-care

It’s not surprising to know if all of us are or at some point have been guilty of not having time for ourselves even for just 10 good minutes. We have literally devoted all our time to our family that even taking a shower feels like a task to do in just 2 minutes before the baby cries again.

And I tell you, it’s better to have even 10 minutes a day for yourself than none at all. And don’t feel bad for asking your partner to watch the baby for 30 minutes for your skincare routine because you need it, you earned it, you deserve it. We need it to maintain our sanity.

Have time for yourself is self-care

We need it to function better as a mom and as a wife. On some days, maybe you can use that time to learn new skills like knitting, gardening and so on. As long as it makes you happy and recharges your energy, do it! You can sneak into a nail salon and get your nails done too!

Studies show that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So keep in mind that building a new routine takes time, effort, and willingness.

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