Do’s and Don’ts For Bloggers and Influencers

I have noticed some bloggers and influencers are not aware of what they’re posting online and this post is inspired because I want them to be aware of Do’s and Don’ts For Bloggers and Influencers.

So, if you are an aspiring blogger and influencer you are on the right blog. Just keep reading. 

Do’s and Don’ts For Bloggers and Influencers

1) Copy and Paste

Do's and Don'ts For Bloggers and Influencers


Use your knowledge and do some research. Rephrase the words instead. If you want to feature recognizing quotes or sentences use the following words “according to” or “Based on” it’s an act that you want to take credit to the right owner. 


Copy and paste. If you are planning to do so, you are plagiarizing the content from another blogger. It’s not a good idea to copy a sentence from another blogger and paste and use it into your Instagram Caption. Read the Do’s over and start to do it. 

2) Copyright Infringement

Do's and Don'ts For Bloggers and Influencers


Be creative when it comes to taking shots of your products. If you don’t have skills as much as a photographer, you can take a course, or a workshop it would be a good investment if you are planning to be a blogger and influencer. 

TIP: Pinterest is the best platform to look at as an inspiration for aesthetic photos. Practice shooting the things you love every day. Remember that progress is everything to make it perfect.

Also, you can use stock photos from Pexels and Pixabay, the good new is they’re FREE.


Sometimes we love saving a satisfying picture from Pinterest, it’s the best platform you can find a good photo that almost perfect.

So, you saved, edited, and uploaded the photo to your Instagram and claimed it to be yours. That’s not a good idea! It’s Copyright Infringement and as far as I know, you could be sued by the owner of the photo you’ve taken.

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3) Authenticity

Do's and Don'ts For Bloggers and Influencers


When sharing valuable content, make sure that your audience will learn from it. It’s better to use your experience as an example and don’t forget to BE YOURSELF when talking to your audience they know if you are not. Talk to your audience the way you talk on your daily basis.


Try to be someone else.

Remember that FIND your true SELF. No one else is as UNIQUE as YOU. Use platforms to spread good influence.

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