Belo Tinted Sunscreen Review

It’s been a decade since I reviewed a product here on my blog 🤣 I want to share my experience with Belo Tinted Sunscreen.

Imagine if we are consistently using sunscreen, we could prevent skin aging in our 40 + age. 

I have oily skin and it’s important to me when choosing the right sunscreen for my skin. 

Different kinds of sunscreen are perfectly fine for your skin type. 

E.g my first sunscreen is Biore and it’s water-based so that oily skin will suit.

Belo Tinted Sunscreen Review

Belo SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen is rated SPF50 and PA++++ for broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Its light tint benefits from Tone Adapt Technology that evens out your skin tone and conceals fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. And it has Cell Protect defends against premature skin aging. According to Sample Room Ph. 

I apply Belo Tinted Sunscreen on half of my face

What I like about this sunscreen is when you apply it to your skin, it adjusts with the color of your skin. 

And if you have oily skin you will love this because of the consistency. 

After 3 Hours..

Here’s my skin after 3 hours, it’s still in my skin. I leave it on for 6 hours and I notice that by the time my skin will start to release oiliness. So, meaning we can apply it as needed.

After 3 hours of applying sunscreen
After 3 hours of applying sunscreen

How Much and Where to buy?

My sister bought it Buy 1 Take 1 for only P199 on shopee, click here to buy.

Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments!

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