Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar: How To Apply Makeup with a Mask

There are a lot of learnings I knew from the Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar, and I’ll share these 3 Makeup Tips and Tricks on How To Apply a Makeup with a Mask.

Aside from blogging, makeup is one of the things I love to do, I occasionally do a makeup sideline for the brides.

Because of the Anneprettynes makeup seminar, I’ve learned how to apply makeup with a mask and I can do that makeup trick to my brides.

Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar: How To Apply Makeup with a Mask

Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar

Doing skincare before makeup will do good for your skin texture. Face primer is essential to be on the skin before any makeup, to prevent having “cakey” skin.

You can achieve a seamless makeup look by putting a primer before makeup.

I honestly love how Anne gives us a detail-by-detail in every makeup she would use. I learned that applying the concealer should be the second to the foundation and also for the highlighter, it should be applied using a sponge for better result of the highlighter.

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After the Makeup, setting spray is the last thing to put on your face! Honestly, I had to admit that I hate setting spray before 🙄 Because I didn’t know what’s the point of having it.

In her makeup seminar, I’m glad to know that setting spray can prevent makeup smudge and increase the lifespan of the makeup on the face.


That’s the reason why your makeup will not smudge into your face mask.

Anne also mentioned that if you are prone to acne using a face mask, use a face mask that is silk.

Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar

I’m so excited to try these brands soonest OMG! It’s my first time trying these brands because honestly, it’s not the makeup that I can afford in this time of the pandemic. I’m really happy to be part of the Anneprettyness Makeup Seminar.

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